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14 08, 2016

10 Reasons to spend in SE16 first

Here at I Live in SE16, we are big fans of all things local – our local parks, charities, venues, churches, schools and businesses – and we think it makes sense for local people to spend time and their hard-earned money (or benefits) with independent businesses. What’s so good then about shopping local? Why all [...]

24 07, 2016

Ed Gray – self-employed artist

Ed has been one of the best known of our local artists for some years now. Born in Putney and now based in Rotherhithe, Ed is increasingly recognised as one of the great contemporary painters of London and Londoners. Ed’s paintings are large in scale and figurative developed from the real life encounters he records [...]

10 07, 2016

Decluttering with Katherine Blackler

After 15 years working in office-based corporate roles, SE16 resident Katherine Blackler has recently set up a local business SortMySpace Ltd offering professional organising and decluttering services in our local area. The inspiration struck for this unusual career choice following a home renovation and with some influence from grateful American friends. Sanctuary “While I was [...]

7 07, 2016

Policing Rotherhithe with PC Nelena Paparisva

PC Nelena Paparisva is the Dedicated Ward Officer (DWO) for Rotherhithe ward SE16. She joined a team of five officers in September 2015 who work in the North East Cluster; together they cover a set of wards across SE16 and SE1 but Nelena as a DWO is always (as well as her new DWO colleague) [...]

8 05, 2016

Thames Mudlarking and Alan Murphy

The mudlark was born amongst the filth and chaos of Victorian London. These poor degraded creatures were scavengers, wading through the foul-smelling mud to collect anything they could sell, such as rags, coal and rope. Most mudlarks were children and old people - society's most vulnerable - these days, however, mudlarking is a term used [...]

17 04, 2016

Neighbourhood Watch

What do you do if your development or estate is declining? How can you help to turn it around? Georgia Sigala moved to her home near Greenland Dock in 2000 but it was in 2010 that she realised that her area was definitely going downhill. “When I moved here, the area was well tended and [...]

7 02, 2016

Sexual health online

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, it’s a great time to share some news about the local health service. In today’s world, sexual health is difficult to talk about and many people avoid early action because they feel uncertain of how to broach the subject. In an attempt to reach more people earlier, Guy’s [...]

24 01, 2016

Family History in SE16

Given the huge numbers of people who have lived and worked in SE16 through the centuries, there is no surprise in the interest this area has for people seeking their family history. Of course there are many valuable resources online today that makes the often fragile paper records available to millions at the click of [...]

6 12, 2015

Financial Inclusion – what’s that?

We all face financial issues at some point in our lives. Few problems however can be so devastating as money gone wrong. It might be falling victim to a clever scam, getting divorced or being made redundant, losing your home, retiring or simply trying to survive on fluctuating income. Many of our neighbours live on [...]

1 11, 2015

Southwark’s Fireworks Night 2015 – 5 November

We all know the amazing effects that professional pyrotechnicians - or firework specialists in normal parlance - can achieve. We remember the displays at the opening of the 2012 London Olympics or the New Year as marking special moments. Children (and adults if we are honest) take great joy from the shock and awe that huge displays [...]