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5 03, 2016

London Aikido Dojo and Tony Evangelou

We welcome a new contributor to the site today Irene Solombrino who introduces us to one of the hidden gems of SE16. Put your hand up if you have ever heard of Aikido. It would be surprising to see many hands up in the air. It will also probably surprise most of us to know [...]

2 03, 2016

bodytonic clinic and James Gill

“I have a real passion for helping people,” explained James Gill, who runs bodytonic clinic in Canada Water, near Deptford SE8 & New Cross SE14. “I want to create fantastic environments where members of the public can come and get treatment, advice or rehabilitation or even just relax and de-stress.” James and I met to [...]

24 02, 2016

Cycle Speedway in Bermondsey – BMX in the 1940’s

We are pleased to welcome Patricia Dark, Borough Archivist as our guest blogger today. Here she provides us with an insight into the amazing post-war role of bicycles in the entertainment of SE16. Lynton Lynx Track, looking toward Lynton Road Keep them off the streets In 2004, Peckham DJ CK Flash started a [...]

19 02, 2016

Making a Difference to Bermondsey

Review of Ada Salter: Pioneer of Ethical Socialism (2016) by Graham Taylor What are we to do with politicians these days? So many people are turned off the political world by the high-handed, petty, unprincipled and apparently distant games played by the Parties. The practical day-to-day lives of ordinary residents of Rotherhithe, Surrey Docks and [...]

16 02, 2016

Air Pollution and Citizen Science

ALERT: Volunteers wanted: no skills needed just enthusiasm and reliability Understanding pollution We’ve all become only too aware of the lack of transparency in the vehicle industry over diesel exhaust emissions. In September 2015, Volkswagen confessed to using a device to cheat US NOX emissions tests. Now the subject of air pollution is beset with [...]

7 02, 2016

Sexual health online

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, it’s a great time to share some news about the local health service. In today’s world, sexual health is difficult to talk about and many people avoid early action because they feel uncertain of how to broach the subject. In an attempt to reach more people earlier, Guy’s [...]

24 01, 2016

Family History in SE16

Given the huge numbers of people who have lived and worked in SE16 through the centuries, there is no surprise in the interest this area has for people seeking their family history. Of course there are many valuable resources online today that makes the often fragile paper records available to millions at the click of [...]

17 01, 2016

Jane Deakin – artist

Jane Deakin has become a settled part of Rotherhithe life. “It’s been more than 30 years since I first moved in round here,” she recalls. “Back then, the area was very different and I started out squatting with an artist community. I fell in love with the area and settled down. Now Rotherhithe has become [...]

8 12, 2015

A New Theatre for Rotherhithe – perhaps

Many people have been saddened to see the Pumphouse at Lavender Pond left empty and vandalised since the Museum closed in 2011. Now the LB Southwark have launched a search for the next phase of its life. And one local has already come up with ambitious plans to convert the former industrial building and museum [...]

6 12, 2015

Financial Inclusion – what’s that?

We all face financial issues at some point in our lives. Few problems however can be so devastating as money gone wrong. It might be falling victim to a clever scam, getting divorced or being made redundant, losing your home, retiring or simply trying to survive on fluctuating income. Many of our neighbours live on [...]