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11 10, 2015

Artouride – Art and Design on the move

Buy a shipping container, fill it with ten Brompton folding bikes and set up your business in an active boatyard - and do it all on Boxing Day 2011! "Not a bad way to make a start in your own business," says Jack Blake. She has been guiding bike tours from her SE16 base ever [...]

6 10, 2015

Winsome Duncan and MPloyMe

Winsome Duncan is an inspiring figure. Pulling on her boots and chatting at the same time, she puts me at ease whilst her colleague Jane helps with a coffee for us both. Winsome - who is known as the Credit Crunch Queen - has spoken and written about how to tackle the human and financial [...]

20 09, 2015

SE16 Hour MeetUp – 25 Sept

Do you know your neighbours? Have you friends from different parts of this community? Do you want a wider group of friends and neighbours to turn to? How much do you know about this area, it's many resources, organisations and services? Can you get help when you need it and offer it in return? Join [...]

15 09, 2015

Surrey Docks Farm Harvest Festival

13 09, 2015

Home Help to the World

By Seven Islands Leisure Centre is a short road that leads down to the gates of Southwark Park. The road is called Gomm Road and half way down on the wall of a modest terraced house is a blue plaque to Richard Carr-Gomm, founder of Abbeyfield and the Carr-Gomm Society. Who was this man? Why [...]

8 09, 2015

Sharing time over food

Do you enjoy food? Most of us do! But it’s sometimes difficult to get a good square meal when you need it – which is most days! Sometimes people cook too much and just throw away the leftovers; others can’t afford to buy enough food at the inflated prices we see today. Some find cooking [...]

6 09, 2015

Bermondsey Community Kitchen

Mike Donovan is born and bred Bermondsey. He’s been successful in several lines of business and now runs Dun’s Deli on Market Square in The Blue. But he’s also a man on a mission! He’s keen to put something substantial back into his home patch and so has invested huge energy and time in the [...]

1 09, 2015

Growing Food in SE16

Many people have decided that depending on their local supermarket just isn’t enough. The opportunity to grow some of your own food is all around us in SE16. From the window-box to the garden, from the allotment to the community garden and our very own urban farm, SE16 has many possibilities to feed yourself and [...]

30 08, 2015

Putting Surplus Food to Good Use

A unique experiment is underway right here in SE16. Our biggest Tesco – the Surrey Quays Extra – is trialling the FareShare FoodCloud app enabling local charities and community groups to access good surplus food. Tesco and FareShare have a three-year partnership to make good use of surplus food from across the food giant's business. [...]

25 08, 2015

Totally Thames 2015

Each September, the whole city enjoys a month of Thames-themed celebration. The Totally Thames festival is run by the Thames Festival Trust and is billed as a collaboration between the river-side boroughs, the tourist agency London First, the Arts Council and the Mayor’s office. This year the offering is as spectacular as ever and with [...]