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21 05, 2015

Bermondsey Community Kitchen – Your vote counts!

Vote today for the Bermondsey Community Kitchen at Aviva Community Fund! Mike Donovan is born and bred Bermondsey. He's been successful in several lines of business and now runs Dun's Deli on Market Square in The Blue. But he's also a man on a mission! He's keen to put something substantial back into his home [...]

17 05, 2015

10 Reasons to spend in SE16 first

Here at I Live in SE16, we are big fans of all things local – our local parks, charities, venues, churches, schools and businesses – and we think it makes sense for local people to spend time and their hard-earned money (or benefits) with independent businesses. What’s so good then about shopping local? Why all [...]

26 04, 2015

London Marathon 2015 – SE16

8 04, 2015

Cycling in SE16

Linda Kemp gives us the low down on cycling round here I’ll admit it, hands up, I’m not a cyclist, although I have been known to venture forth on the odd occasion during the summer months. However my partner, alongside many other cyclists in the area, commutes daily along the excellent cycling paths in SE16, [...]

18 01, 2015

Southwark Park

Southwark Park sits between Jamaica Road, Lower Road, Hawkstone Road and Southwark Park Road. Mostly gently rolling but with a large ornamental lake at its centre, it is one of the keystones of the SE16 area. It offers visitors and residents alike a wide range of opportunities and is held in deep affection by the [...]

27 11, 2014

Russia Dock Woodland

We are pleased to welcome Steph Henderson (@proimpactfitnes) as a guest writer for this post. Many people who know Canada Water and perhaps Rotherhithe have never ventured into the central open spaces of the area - Southwark Park, Kings Stairs Gardens and Russia Dock Woodland. Steph writes an introduction to the work of the Friends [...]

24 11, 2014

Healthier You in SE16

In his first post, Anthony Mayatt (@BreatheFitPT) a local resident and personal trainer introduced the local facilities for physical activities. In this second post, he points us to the other resources in SE16 that might help to live a healthier life. Find out more about Breathe Fitness here.   Fitness and Cycling As well as these [...]

19 11, 2014

Getting Fit in SE16

If you are just wanting to find a nice walk for your dog, fancy joining a gym or learning a new sport, SE16 has a great range of possibilities for you. In the first of two posts, Anthony Mayatt (@BreatheFitPT) a local resident and personal trainer offers his take on the health and fitness places [...]

7 11, 2014

Sleep well!

Most people suffer from sleep deprivation at some point in their lives. London and the demands of SE16 can make it hard to drop off when you want to. It may be that you have a new babe and need to be up and doing all through the night. Or you may have a noisy [...]

11 10, 2014

Grey Squirrels

Do you stand with those who see squirrels as bright-eyed, bushy-tailed characters or are they better consigned to the mincer and the pot? Once again, like the urban fox, the Grey Squirrel divides opinion for the people of SE16. A recent food festival in Gloucestershire staged a competition to create a healthy squirrel burger recipe, so [...]