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16 08, 2015

Lawrence Lingard and Simplicity Restaurant

Simplicity restaurant has been an established part of Rotherhithe village for nine years. Its proprietor and chef Lawrence Lingard has also become something of a celebrity having starred in two TV series about his round-the-world Clipper race in 2013. Lawrence hails from Manchester and moved down to London some 20 years ago. He came to [...]

12 08, 2015

The Cultural Cycle – Gavin Tiffin

Have you ever got off a bike and just had enough? That might be the response from Bermondsey resident Gavin Tiffin when he finishes his next project the Cultural Cycle. He has set himself the unique challenge to ride between London and St Petersburg, Russia through ten counties in three weeks and cover 2,000 miles. [...]

9 08, 2015

Making Cheese in SE16 – Kappacasein

There is no mistaking what is made at Kappacasein! The wonderful aroma of cheese wafts into your nostrils as soon as you approach the place. But a cheese producer in the midst of urban SE16 seems a little out of place. Not so, when you find out the history and practice of Bill Oglethorpe who [...]

5 08, 2015

Ken Does Rotherhithe by Velvet Trumpet

The comedy writers and performers of Velvet Trumpet are bringing to their own stomping ground a unique heritage comedy all about Rotherhithe: Ken Does Rotherhithe. It’s not in a stuffy old venue but out in the freshness that is the open air and takes the form of a walking tour, led by their comedic eponymous [...]

2 08, 2015

Ballers Academy

Success for many youngsters is seen through the eyes of football excellence. The adulation of the crowds, the princely sums paid as salaries and the lifestyle options all make for a heady mix when a lad hopes to make it in football. Jamie Mehmet as the Manager of Ballers Academy is much more down to [...]

22 07, 2015

History of Trade in SE16

Claire Godwin has a winning smile. She warmly welcomed me to the Brunel Museum and offered me a welcome cuppa. Claire’s been there since April as Volunteer and Events Manager and says it’s been great to build on her previous experience. ‘When I moved to London to do my degree in arts management at London Southbank [...]

19 07, 2015

Yellow Summer Party

Alice Bird by Zoltan Almasi You are invited to an evening party happening at Sands Films and Tunnel Wharf in Rotherhithe village next Saturday (25 July). It's the London premiere of the short film I'm in the corner with the bluebells but more than that it’s a combination of film, live music, DJ, installation art, [...]

14 07, 2015

Album Gallery

We all love a good picture but Paul Bridge is out to persuade us that great photographs are worth printing and putting on display. ‘Too often today people see photography as disposable,’ says Paul. ‘But the reality is that you can take a snap but you have to make a photograph.’ Paul is determined to [...]

3 06, 2015

Getting the Right Nutrition in Place

Have you ever wondered what your food and drink does to your body and mind? Well, nutritional therapist Claire Ward is in a great place to tell you as she has recently come to practice in Canada Water. When I met up with Claire, we started from the issues her clients bring to her sessions. [...]

24 05, 2015

Just Dance Fit – Marilena Nicolaou

When you meet Marilena, she gives off a real sense of positive energy. Her work as a Zumba teacher ensures that she is full of rhythm and persuasive in conversation. As Marilena lives in Downtown, we met at the Canada Water Café and she was soon telling me about her origins. “I was brought up [...]