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21 05, 2015

Bermondsey Community Kitchen – Your vote counts!

Vote today for the Bermondsey Community Kitchen at Aviva Community Fund! Mike Donovan is born and bred Bermondsey. He's been successful in several lines of business and now runs Dun's Deli on Market Square in The Blue. But he's also a man on a mission! He's keen to put something substantial back into his home [...]

13 05, 2015

Rehoming your Surplus Goods

We all want a bargain! Buying something amazing at a cut-down price always seems more rewarding than getting it full price! But when it comes to using shops of second-user goods, people have some strange prejudices. Fantastic bargains can go begging for a purchaser for weeks on end. And sometimes it’s just that the goods [...]

29 04, 2015

Bringing Albion Street Alive with Art

Sharon Virtue has an extensive history in building community through the arts. She lives in SE16 and has a part-time role managing Turning Earth, a ceramics studio in Hackney where she teaches hand building and throwing classes. But now her attention has been taken by an exciting community project on her doorstep. In Albion Street, [...]

25 04, 2015

Honey Bees Make SE16 Buzz

We all know that bees make honey! But the truth is that their life style and product remain a mystery to most who live in SE16. That is until you meet Sharon Bassey who looks after the hives at Southwark Park, Stave Hill Ecological Park and Galleywall Nature Reserve. Sharon was voted London Beekeeper of [...]

15 04, 2015

Scouting in SE16

When I met Eddie Langdon at the Scout House on Jamaica Road, the day was spitting rain and we ran inside to get out of the wind. Grim though the exterior of the building on the corner of Southwark Park may look, inside it is a rabbit-warren of rooms, halls and corridors. Eddie keeps the [...]

29 03, 2015

Midnight Apothecary

Lottie Muir has been working as the Cocktail Gardener since 2011 but since 2012, she has established herself at the Brunel Museum running the Midnight Apothecary, an open-air cocktail bar with entertainment and food. Now she’s an author and speaker sharing her love of botanical cocktails with anyone who’ll listen! Lottie Muir We [...]

11 03, 2015

Tara Delf – artist

What do you do if you are a talented artist but can’t get the break that would allow you to survive in London AND paint for a living? Tara Delf is in just that position. A Surrey Quays resident, Tara has been living here for four and a half years paying the high rents required [...]

18 02, 2015

Tesco boss – interview

Kam Prajapati is the store manager of Tesco Extra at Surrey Quays. As one of the largest employers in the area, we thought you might want to know this man a bit better so we bearded him in his office and asked him all about himself and his career. With thanks to Kam, 4RS Amateur [...]

12 02, 2015

Politics and Zombies – Vote Z

Athena Stevens - a local actor, screenwriter and filmmaker - hails from the States and has lived in Surrey Quays SE16 for over six years. She has co-written (with Kate Ryan) an online web series that is a satirical take on politics and zombies called Vote Z leading up to the UK General Election. Filmed around SE16, [...]

25 01, 2015

Kat Osborn – Time and Talents Director

Time and Talents offers a friendly and welcoming place for groups to meet and people can just drop in when ever the place is open. Kat Osborn has been Director there for about 18 months and takes a few minutes out to chat to us about her job, the work of Time and Talents and [...]