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22 07, 2014

Quebec Quarter

Quebec Way today has a huge pile of rubble on one side and the abandoned Printworks on the other. It's a sorry sight at the moment but plans are being put into action to bring life back to this apparent backwater of Canada Water. Three of the 1970s blocks of the former Quebec Way Industrial [...]

19 07, 2014

Dockland Settlements: Rotherhithe Centre

When I spoke to Ben North - Operations Director at Dockland Settlements - he was upbeat about the new Centre sited between Rotherhithe Street and Salter Road near Surrey Docks Farm and the Ship York. After years facing subsidence and with activities restricted for practical reasons, the redevelopment of the site is now well underway. Indeed [...]

18 07, 2014

What’s Happening At Mulberry?

The former Mulberry Business Park is bounded by Canada Street, Quebec Way and the former Harmsworth Quay. This site is owned by King College London (KCL) and building work has begun to transform what has been a derelict site for some years into 770 bedrooms for KCL students. Units will be 4-9 storeys and include [...]

15 07, 2014

Printworks and Shopping Centre

Today (15 July) and on Thursday (17 July), there are public opportunities to find out what British Land is planning to do with the redundant Printworks - Harmsworth Quay where the Daily Mail, the Standard and the Metro were printed for years - now it is joined in fate with the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. [...]

12 07, 2014

Fisher Football Club return home

It's been a long road for Fisher FC! Back in 2008, the old Fisher Athletic Club that used the Surrey Docks Stadium for many years faced rising debts and was wound up. The fans were passionate about their club and so formed the volunteer-led Fisher Supporters' Trust to manage Fisher FC . The Stadium - [...]

5 07, 2014

Salter Statues Returning

In November 2011, a bronze statue of Alfred Salter was stolen from its comfortable seat looking out over the Thames in Bermondsey. The community was angry and frustrated that the thieves had stolen such an iconic creation merely for the value of the melted metal. A group of residents came together to take on the [...]

4 07, 2014

Redesigning Canada Water

The news this week that British Land are preparing master plans for both the the old Harmsworth Quays site and Surrey Quays Shopping Centre brings a major new element into the discussion of the future of Canada Water and Rotherhithe. Up until now, the redundant printing site for the Evening Standard, the Daily Mail and [...]

1 07, 2014

SE16 – the Greatest Place to Grow Up?

When the Child was a Child by Chris JL CC Flickr We know that London is growing fast and that the pressures on housing and schooling make our choices very important. The Changing London team have taken the challenge of the forthcoming mayoral election in London to get debate going. Their website - [...]

25 06, 2014

Planning Applications

Developments in Canada Water and more widely in SE16 are moving quickly. As many people know, the London Borough of Southwark plays a role in receiving, considering and agreeing planning applications. Each application has to give details of the intended work and gives residents, local businesses and others an opportunity to raise concerns or express [...]

15 06, 2014

Rotherhithe’s Broadband

BB Infrastructure and ISPs For many people in Rotherhithe, broadband means slow and unstable service. It's not a problem we suffer alone as many parts of the country lag far behind the advertised speeds of the main providers. Most people are aware that due to distance from the exchange, many rural areas face poor broadband [...]