What do you know about the history of our area?

Where did it all start and what can we learn from our recent past?

SE16 Issue 6 - cover - thumbThis quarter’s issue of I Live in SE16 magazine brings you a selection of the best articles from this website that focus on the heritage of our community. We look back at the origins of Millwall Football Club in the Isle of Dogs. We explore the fascinating world of Thames mudlarking with Alan Murphy, seeking out clues to our liquid past on the foreshore of SE16. Several local historians have written about their chosen studies – Southwark Park, Surrey Docks Farm and maritime Rotherhithe. We have examined the very earliest records of what we know as SE16 in Bermondsey Abbey. We look at the lessons to be learnt for today’s Masterplan from the 1990s redevelopment of SE16 under the London Dockland Development Corporation. And we find out about our own local history society…and its own history!



SE166 v5 - Mayflower - thumbWalks and Voyages

In a bumper issue, we bring you three heritage walks to pull out and try for yourself: one around Rotherhithe’s maritime past, another features the heritage elements in Southwark Park and a third looks at the food processing past of Bermondsey. Amongst many other articles, we meet the guys from Stone Edge, our very own firm of historic building restorers and feature the plans for a major celebration of the 400th anniversary of the sailing of The Mayflower from Rotherhithe in 1620. The intrepid mariners who voyaged across a stormy Atlantic to found the United States mostly came from Rotherhithe. In 2020, we will be hosting a range of celebrations to mark this important quatercentenary!



SE166 v5 - Pull out - thumbCarbon Neutral Magazine

We are proud to announce that we now have a printing partner in SE16: SPM Print. We have now moved our printing to an established local partner as part of our commitment to local economic development. If we can spend our money locally, more stays here in SE16. We are also delighted that this issue of I Live in SE16 has been printed on paper from responsibly-managed forests where for every tree felled another is planted in its place. Not only that but SPM Print is a carbon-neutral printer. As a result, the magazine’s impact on our environment has been reduced as far as we can. All that is left is for our readers to recycle their copy to keep the whole chain low impact!


Local Advertisers

Our only source of income to produce this magazine is the advertising revenue we receive from local firms. We are always keen to encourage our readers to use their own spending power to support businesses that are embedded here in SE16. We depend on the support of a network of local business partners to cover the costs of design, production and distribution. They in turn depend on the increased sales from putting their product before you. Please support the local businesses you see advertising in our pages. That way you keep more jobs here, encourage more firms to relocate to SE16 and build the reputation of our area as worth investing in. Spend locally and benefit us all!


SE166 v5 - Newsletter - thumbWe hope you will enjoy the new issue of I Live in SE16. This issue will be available across SE16 in libraries, cafes, shops and social centres as well as steadily delivered to every accessible house in the postcode over the coming couple of weeks.

We continue to depend on a range of volunteers who help to make this magazine possible. This magazine (and website) is produced solely by volunteers; we employ no staff. If you would like to play your part in our work, please get in touch shout@iliveinse16.com or 0203 6060 380.