Interested in local heritage? Fancy an introduction to most parts of maritime Rotherhithe’s past?
A Rotherhithe Blog

Andie Byrnes does a great service to the area by researching and then publishing her posts on the history and heritage of Rotherhithe. Many aspects of the area rely on a knowledge of its past and Andie fills in loads of detail that otherwise we’d all find mysterious.

Recent posts include:
Air Attacks on Britain During the Great War (Parts I and II)
The Last Royal Navy commissions in Rotherhithe: Hind and Jackdaw 1850s
The establishment of Canada Dock by the Surrey Commercial Dock Company in 1875

Along with these more historic pieces, Andie keeps her readers up-to-date with local events and developments such as:
SE16 Printworks: Stage 1 consultation findings
SoundCamp at Stave Hill Ecology Park in Rotherhithe – 3rd-4th May 2014
Pop-Up Opera at Thames Tunnel Shaft

Well worth a good read and to revisit regularly to see what’s new!