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Ship York by Ewan Munro CC Flickr

What’s in the September newsletter?

We are entering Festival season and in September there are loads of great opportunities to enjoy the festival atmosphere around SE16 and across the city. You will already know that we are entering the month of the Thames with Totally Thames – that’s because you read our earlier post about what’s happening in our neck of the woods! But the delights also include music from Mauritania, Somalia, Ethiopia and Congo as well as five short films in a single night – and all that in one venue, our very own Canada Water Culture Space. But we also have the first Bermondsey Folk Festival in the early days of September and Open House London giving free access to loads of fascinating buildings across the city and several in SE16. The riches are amazing as we also enjoy the Harvest Festival at Surrey Docks Farm and the Rotherhithe World Cup 7-a-side competition – something for everyone in September.

Along with the festivals. our newsletter gives you links to some of our most interesting articles this month as well as giving you the low down on all the events in SE16 for the month. We invite you to our September MeetUp  at 19:30 on Friday 25 September at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Rotherhithe Street.

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Great River Race 2014 (1) - thumbPlanning update

If you live in, breathe in or even visit SE16, you will know that we are surrounded by new developments and fresh building projects. We have scanned the many applications for planning permission to bring you a selection of the most important and interesting ones across SE16. Did you know that a new telephone mast is planned to go up? Or that a well-known local shop is becoming a pizza outlet? There’s plans for a new pig pen and a new home going up next to a local pub. Where’s it all happening? Get subscribed – our newsletter tells you all!