Lavender Pond by garyknight CC Flickr

Lavender Pond by garyknight CC Flickr

Andie Byrnes provides a great service to the area by regular blog posts about her reseach into Rotherhithe’s history at A Rotherhithe Blog. In this recent post, Andie has given us the background to one of the most attractive and valuable parts of the area’s rich ecosystem: Lavender Pond Nature Park.

Lavender Pond Nature Park was created in 1981 with the aim of providing a haven for wildlife, an amenity for local residents and an educational resource.

Despite covering only 2.5 acres, the Park features a variety of habitats each with characteristics communities of plants and animals. Some areas are left as undisturbed as possible, while others are heavily used by schoolchildren and other visitors. A system of wooden boardwalks enables people to see the plants and animals at close quarters without trampling the vegetation.

The Park is continually being developed to increase its value for education, improve facilities for visitors and create new demonstration features. A network of paths have been built to provide access for people with disabilities. This network connects the classrooms within the Pumphouse to the boardwalk system by a gradual meandering ramp. Wheelchair users can also gain access from both Salter Road and Rotherhithe Street.

Take a look at Andie’s background to the site, find out more about the Nature Park here and then go visit it. You can get there by Bus routes 381 or C10. You will find many spaces for exploration and even for a picnic!