*July SE16Hour MeetUp*

Friday 31 July 19:30 Adam and Eve pub, Brunel Road SE16 4JN

This community is very rich in many ways. We have a great range of local businesses who offer us great service and quality purchases. We have the riverside and the green spaces which offer diverse locations and settings for both activity and relaxing. We have excellent schools, libraries and high quality GP surgeries keeping us healthy and growing. We have strong traditions of mutual support and solidarity and access to a long heritage of hard work and discipline. But the greatest asset in our community is the people who make up SE16!

Jan 15 MeetUp at Ship Rotherhithe

As we work together and come to respect and trust each other, so the value of our friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances comes to be appreciated. We begin to see that despite what we are told by the media and often by our culture, everyone has a gift to offer and given a chance each individual can build on their unique strengths. We just need to fit each person to the right task and role. Building community is to be inclusive and participative, to offer everyone a place and ensure that no one is left out. That’s what I Live in SE16 is about!

2014-09-18-20.56.01-300x225We hold our monthly MeetUps as open invitations to anyone who wants to come along. We don’t draw distinctions between older people or younger ones, between newcomers and long-term residents. We give everyone a chance to make their way in a relaxed social setting. A few people need some encouragement to join in but we try to do that gently. These are not business meetings and they are certainly not carefully designed! We leave well alone on the whole, giving everyone an opportunity to finds their own level. Out the end come more contacts, greater connectedness and an improved social network. People feel more at home in their own community!

Our next MeetUp is on Friday 31 July at 19:30. Each time we have visited a different pub or bar around SE16 and this time we’ve chosen the Adam and Eve in Rotherhithe. It’s just up the road from Rotherhithe Station on Brunel Road on the corner of Swan Road (SE16 4JN). So long as the weather is reasonable, we’ll probably be out in the beer garden but I’m sure some folk will prefer to be indoors too. There will be old hands who know the MeetUps very well and lots of new folk who are there to meet others for the first time. So whether you already know how MeetUps work or you want to try this one for the first time, you will be warmly welcomed!

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Get along if you can!