This website I Live in SE16 is a collaboration between some friends who want to make things better for everyone in SE16. We are very aware that providing information and signposting for residents, business people and visitors is not enough to make our community more dynamic. Alongside the website of course is our Facebook page the Instagram account, and the weekly SE16Hour which gives people a greater opportunity to meet online and to discuss the issues raised. We held our first SE16Hour TweetUp a week ago which gathered about 25 people to an evening of meeting old friends and making new ones (see the photos) at St James of Bermondsey, a newly opened pub in St James Street with free wifi.

However we are thinking that meeting up around social media alone does cut out a load of local people who might welcome the opportunity to meet others with an interest in SE16. We’ve been chewing this one over for a week or so and wanted to share some thoughts with our readership. We’d like to make the meetings open to all who want to come along. We’d not want to stop promoting it through social media but we might also produce a few flyers and some posters to share the event more widely. We might put a notice in some of the local newsletters and magazines to reach different groups and maybe see how the local press feel about covering it too.

weetUp at St James of Bermondsey  July 2014So at the moment we are lacking a NAME for the event, a suitable VENUE and a good DATE to start from. We are delighted that a couple of people have offered to do the hard work in getting it to happen but wanted to encourage everyone to have a say in what they wanted to see happen. We can’t please everyone in one meeting but we might get some great ideas for future ones as well. What do you think?

  • Ideas so far:
  1. SE16Hour Meet
  2. SE16Hour MeetUp
  3. SE16Hour Happening
  • Ideas so far: Thursday 18 or 25 September at 19:30
  • Ideas so far: Meet upstairs at Old Salt Quay or the Moby Dick

We are also keen to find a few more people to join the group working on the project. You don’t need any special skills but we could do with some more people to write short articles about the area, folk interested in helping us promote the work more widely and some help with building the database behind the site. We hope to venture into video soon and hope we might get some more diverse and interesting photos of SE16 in the bag.

Please do add your comments and suggestions below. If you want to get in touch, just tweet (or direct message) @SE16Hour and we will get back to you. And we will let you know soon when and where we’ll hold the next meeting and what it’ll be called!