High angle - thumbLighting - thumbMany people in SE16 already know the Canada Water Cafe on Surrey Quays Road not far from the Library and Canada Water Plaza. Local owners Anthony and Nigel today open a sister/brother cafe, this time just off Plough Way near the Tesco Express in the new build Marine Wharf. Once again the offer will focus on an Italian pizza menu, organic coffee and home-cooked breakfast every day.


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Manager - portraitCarving Parma Ham - thumbSame Team for Plough Way

The cafe is run by the same team as the Canada Water cafe with a similar brief. “We are all about making our customers feel good,” says Gilbert Eisentraut, the manager of the new cafe. “We’ve been recruiting staff for the kitchen and front-of-house over the last few weeks and then we’ve been taking them through the training. This place is a single open space which allows us some more flexibility compared to Canada Water Cafe where we have the pillars to contend with. And of course being a new cafe in a new build, we have been trying to work closely with our new neighbours to make sure we don’t disturb them.”

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Setting - thumbStaying in SE16

The cafe is situated in a slight courtyard of its own shared with the local gym and the open air space looks down a long green vista between the housing blocks. “We only just squeeze into SE16,” laughs Anthony. “The next block to us are in SE8 and the address is officially Deptford but we know so many people in SE16 – and live there ourselves – that I’m sure we will serve both postcodes equally!” The marble floor and open, airy atmosphere to the space offers customers old and new another SE16 place to stop and enjoy a good coffee or pizza. We wish the team the very best with their new venture!



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