Yates 1826 Bridge and Dock House SC

Bridge and dockhouse at Surrey Grand Canal entrance to Thames. 1826 George Yates.

We are hugely indebted to Andie Byrnes who continues to research, describe and promote the history of Rotherhithe on her excellent site A Rotherhithe Blog. Some time ago she brought together an overview of the history of this part of SE16 in a series of posts chronicling the development of the docks through the nineteenth century. It has been our pleasure to bring these to a wider audience by linking them (with permission) to posts on this site and we have now reached the ninth of these accounts: Rotherhithe Heritage 1825-1843

If you are unaware of the history of this area of London or need to have your memory of it refreshed, do take a few minutes to stop and read Andie’s story of Rotherhithe up to and into the early reign of Queen Victoria.


You can find more of Andie’s articles linked to the posts below