In recent years SE16 has flourished with many new residents and businesses coming to the area. New builds are going up left right and centre and there are still many new changes to come. Members of the community currently residing in the area and new residents still aren’t aware about all the great local businesses and events that happen in the area, so it’s now time to get the word out throughiliveinse16 logo, Canada Water, Bermondsey, Rotherhithe & Canada Water SE16We are a collective of local businesses and organisations who have come together in partnership to bring to your attention of what goes on in your area.This includes day to day activities, services and local events.We feel the more support we give each other, the stronger we are in raising awareness of all the wonderful things that go on. Search through our page to find listings and contacts for all partners involved in iliveinSE16 and discover your area. The Census 2011 advised that the population for SE16 was 44,957.If you would like to get involved with the community please get in touch with us via Twitter @SE16HOUR