Next SE16Hour MeetUp Friday 16 January at The Ship Rotherhithe

This site and it’s brothers / sisters on Facebook – I Live in SE16 and @SE16Hour – work together to create a stronger sense of community in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. It’s all run by a small band of local residents – all volunteers – who take pride in the area and value the wide diversity of people, businesses and facilities in the neighbourhood. We want to introduce people who are visiting the area to that richness and encourage folk who live, work or play here to make better use of the marvellous range of opportunities on offer. We want to showcase local talent and promote local businesses, sharing the possibilities that open up when we come together and get to know about each other. We want to inspire a sense of pride in Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, Canada Water and Surrey Quays, areas going through great change and yet with a rich heritage that makes SE16 both very special and worth caring about. We hope you want to join us in making this a better place to live, work and play.


2014-09-18-20.56.01-300x225As you’ve already found your way to this site, you will find here an extraordinary range of resources, pointers and introductions to local people, places and themes. We make sure that we capture all the new and old parts of SE16 on these pages and offer them up to help the local area flourish, become better integrated and more prosperous. We think that bringing people together is a really key way to open up fresh ideas, creative responses to our problems and links that will bear fruit into the future. Our conversations each week – on Twitter Tuesday 19:30-20:30 search for #SE16Hour – give us a chance to hear about news, local offers and have a laugh; do come a join in or just sit back and watch the rest of us talk about the area and its interesting bits.

Join in

But you can use your talents more directly if you want. You might have thought that in 2015, you’d like to take a larger part in your community. You might be looking to make connections and would welcome a way to link with others. You may want to see your neighbours have more opportunities to get to know each other and take care of the few streets around you. If you’d like to use your time, knowledge or skills in new ways in SE16, we’d love to hear from you. We need people of all sorts – folk to take out leaflets, folk to help us organise events, people with technical skills such as setting up and managing databases, people to write occasional or regular articles, photographers and people with hobbies to share. The list is endless so if you’d like to offer a small or large amount of your time, we’d be really grateful.


Every so often, we all meet up to have a drink and talk about what we’ve been doing. The next MeetUp is

Friday 16 January 19:30-21:00 at The Ship in Rotherhithe

Facebook Event page: SE16Hour MeetUp for more details

Video of November SE16Hour MeetUp

At previous MeetUps we’ve gathered a nice range of different people from across SE16. Many have been meeting for the first time but we’ve also seen some residents and business people who have made it a regular part of their involvement with their neighbours. And we talk about what arises – about the new developments in place or planning, about local events and happenings, about life in SE16 in its full range. We meet in a different venue each time and of course we enjoy a drink, a gossip and a few nibbles from our hosts. Come along if you can and join the conversation.