April MeetUp – Friday 24 April 19:30 – Ship and Whale, 2 Gulliver Street, SE16 7LT

Each month we meet up at one of the local bars to introduce neighbours to each other. It’s not a fancy do nor very carefully planned but we create a space where new people can feel welcome and old hands can share a drink and talk the evening away. We have been doing this for nearly a year now and over that time, we’ve built up quite a lot of people who make an effort to come along regularly. We always welcome old friends and new folk to find out more about the local community and how they can link in to what’s going on.

Jan 15 MeetUp at Ship RotherhitheWe all need friends

We all need support at times. Help comes in many forms. Sometimes its a simple matter of feeling you are not alone. On others that the people around you are friendly and “on your side”. When we face decisions its always helpful to have a second opinion or to mull it over with someone outside the situation. If we’re looking for a small job to be done – like running up some curtains or mending a fence – its great to know you can call on friends to point you in the right direction. And if you need a new job, it’s often through contacts and “people who know people” that you find the next step.

MeetUp Next Friday

Our MeetUps are places to make these sort of friends. Of course they might become your best buddy but in all likelihood, you’ll make lots of links to all sorts of people. Community is made up of those sort of informal and undemanding acquaintances – a network of different people with different priorities and at different stages of life. And its community that keeps us safe, supported, secure and inspired. Come along and make new friends! Meet old ones and share some laughter!