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Events for July 2024

28 01, 2015

Renting: Repairs and Deposits

Lots of people in SE16 are living in a property owned by their private landlord. That means that - not being the tenant of a housing association or the Council - you have rights that need to be respected. Deposits This is a simple one: if your tenancy started after 6 April 2007, the landlord [...]

22 07, 2014

Quebec Quarter

Quebec Way today has a huge pile of rubble on one side and the abandoned Printworks on the other. It's a sorry sight at the moment but plans are being put into action to bring life back to this apparent backwater of Canada Water. Three of the 1970s blocks of the former Quebec Way Industrial [...]

21 07, 2014

Howland Great Wet Dock

The origins of the docks that covered much of Rotherhithe lie in the ship-building and -supplying that became its principal function when England began to have a navy in the 1600s. Andie Byrnes has plotted the course of that early emergence of docks from the maritime industry in her post about the first dock in Rotherhithe: the [...]

20 07, 2014

Swans on Canada Water

A family of mute swans have been raised on Canada Water this year. Originally six in number, the young - known as cygnets - have now reduced to four but they all seem to be flourishing. The photos below are of 'our' swans all taken between late May and early July 2014 The mute swan [...]

19 07, 2014

Dockland Settlements: Rotherhithe Centre

When I spoke to Ben North - Operations Director at Dockland Settlements - he was upbeat about the new Centre sited between Rotherhithe Street and Salter Road near Surrey Docks Farm and the Ship York. After years facing subsidence and with activities restricted for practical reasons, the redevelopment of the site is now well underway. Indeed [...]

18 07, 2014

What’s Happening At Mulberry?

The former Mulberry Business Park is bounded by Canada Street, Quebec Way and the former Harmsworth Quay. This site is owned by King College London (KCL) and building work has begun to transform what has been a derelict site for some years into 770 bedrooms for KCL students. Units will be 4-9 storeys and include [...]

16 07, 2014

Grow Local

Last Sunday Time and Talents and New Leaf held a Planting Day for Adams Gardens estate in Rotherhithe. The idea was to plant up a couple of neglected patches of land with the help of residents from the estate. The project also planted uo a series of balcony boxes with both edible and ornamental plants [...]

15 07, 2014

Printworks and Shopping Centre

Today (15 July) and on Thursday (17 July), there are public opportunities to find out what British Land is planning to do with the redundant Printworks - Harmsworth Quay where the Daily Mail, the Standard and the Metro were printed for years - now it is joined in fate with the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. [...]

14 07, 2014

The Bermondsey Blue BID

The Blue is in truth something of a miasma. It appears on no map of London. Its boundaries and shape remain debated but for locals, the Blue is almost a sacred concept. Based around the Blue Anchor pub in Southwark Park Road and the market in Market Place nearby, the Blue has become the heartland [...]

13 07, 2014

Freecycle – a community resource

Many people are using online means of buying themselves stuff quickly and easily. It all takes time and resources to package up and send and then builds up until finally it's time to dispose of it. What to do? Do you put your treasured possessions in the bin or on the street-side (depending on their [...]