What do you do if you are a talented artist but can’t get the break that would allow you to survive in London AND paint for a living? Tara Delf is in just that position. A Surrey Quays resident, Tara has been living here for four and a half years paying the high rents required to enjoy the pleasures of city life. But her passion is her painting. As you see, her work is sensual and feminine using a mixture of media to create realism with primary colours. She loves to work with natural shapes, flowers, fabrics and the human form. Take a look at Tara’s website: http://taradelf.wix.com/artist


face shotTara and I met at the Culture Café at Canada Water Library and she admitted quickly that whilst she loves her art, she finds it difficult to find the time to dedicate to painting. “It’s always hard to balance the need to work full time with the inspiration to create,” she said. “I feel a pressure to deliver when there’s a deadline but when I don’t have that motivation, I can leave a canvas for weeks or even months.” The only space she has to paint is her bedroom and she works full-time in film in Leicester Square.

Having completed a degree in fine art at Figure SE16Loughborough University, Tara came to London with the hope of building a career as a painter. She works on canvasses hand-made in a traditional way. Some of her work is quite large up to 2m by 1.5m but other pieces are smaller. She has a fan in her father who has filled his house with her paintings and proudly points them out to visitors. Dance and the movement of physical form inspire Tara; she often works from photos and blends the oil and acrylic paints with her fingers to achieve a glossy texture.

osc-officialIn July 2014, she exhibited at the Old School Room in Mile End. The show was a great success and she sold several works. Since then, it’s been hard to find the opportunities to exhibit so if you like her work and want to give her a chance, why not get in touch? Tara is happy to work on commissions as well as showing her newer work. She loves the area around her home on Rotherhithe Street with the open space of Russia Dock Woodland behind and the Thames running so close. For Tara, it’s great to live in a place that values families and has a growing sense of community.


You can reach Tara by email, on Facebook or on TwitterTara Delf – artist1