Meeting neighbours and having fun together is the most natural thing around. But so many of us live and work in our own bubble having little to do with those who live next to us and in many cases above and below us. We think The Big Lunch on Sunday 7 June 2015 gives an opportunity for SE16 to get out and enjoy each other’s company. Come to one of the meetings below and help us create community round here!

“It brings people out of their homes who wouldn’t normally be sociable.”

The-Big-Lunch-by-Phil-Wilkinson-CC-Flickr-300x178The idea is that we hold an open air street party on the first Sunday in June for our friends and neighbours that is fun, inclusive and informal. The Big Lunch is a national project encouraging villages, streets, estates, developments and neighbourhoods to meet your neighbours, show off your favourite dish and spend time with each other outside. Across the country people do all sorts of things on the first Sunday of June from sports days to creating concerts and growing their own veg. It’s really up to you how you want to create a day of laughter and fun!

“It’s all about passion, and compassion, and bringing people together.”

This year, we’ve taken the initiative and called three local meetings to get things rolling. We’d really like to see loads of people find the time to join us and add their energy and ideas to make the party really succeed nearby. You can go to any of the meetings but we called three because we think people will want to meet neighbours from across the landing or street rather than across the whole neighbourhood. So perhaps we can see several Big Lunch parties this year on 7 June in different places across SE16?

Greenland Dock: 9 March 7.00pm at Ship and Whale pub 2 Gulliver Street, London SE16 7LT

Rotherhithe: 11 March 7.00pm at The Angel pub 101 Bermondsey Wall East Rotherhithe SE16 4NB

Canada Water: 12 March 7.00pm at Canada Water Library 21 Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7AR

You don’t need lots of experience with open air events. You don’t need to be a The-Big-Lunch-at-Old-Kent-Road-CC-Flickr-300x200committee person. Everyone is welcome to turn up and see what part you can take. First we want to decide where to hold the party and what to do on the day. We will need to think about safety, insurance, toilets and all sorts of practical things that make events go well. We’ll need to think about advertising and helping everyone feel able to turn up and enjoy themselves. We’ll want to talk to youngsters and older residents about what they might like to see happen on the day. We might need to find some money from gifts or sponsors to help oil the wheels.

“It’s an opportunity to bring the community together for one purpose.”

Most of all we want to have a fun time planning a great summer party. Come and join us if you can. Everyone is welcome!

If you want to offer your ideas or help or if you’ve got questions please call Mark 07956 370 676 or Lisa 07773 519 440