Jimmy Jukes has been a mover and shaker throughout his life. Since 2010, he and Michelle Thorpe have been the driving force behind UK Homes 4 Heroes Pride and Passion. Based in SE16, they have created the charity out of their passion about the plight of ex-servicemen and women who are left without a roof over their heads on discharge. Their efforts to raise funds for direct help to homeless heroes has created lots of news coverage and they have been able to create a real change in the attitude of the MOD and press to the destitution faced by too many of our best men and women.

UK Homes for Heroes - collectingThe Jukes’ efforts to raise money for the cause have taken them to all parts of the country. Many people from SE16 have been sponsored to run in the London Marathon and other major events for Homes 4 Heroes. Their money raising has enabled them to already make a start housing ex-servicemen in the area. The goal is to set up hostels for ex-servicemen and women where they can have a safe, clean living environment so they can feel secure and at home. The charity will also help those who use their hostels to apply for social housing in the area. The most immediate need Homes 4 Heroes meets is for counselling for those who are facing depression and other psychological problems as a result of their military service.


Homes 4 Heroes is always looking for donations and volunteer help. If you want to get in touch with the team, you can contact them via the website at http://www.ukhomes4heroes.org.uk/, by phone on 020 7237 6363 or email ukhomes4heroes@prideandpassion.org.uk.

The work of our service personnel keeps us all safe and secure. They deserve the best possible homecoming and we owe them a huge debt of honour and gratitude. Let’s show that in our care for them when they need us most.