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Greenland Dock – its whaling history

Many people who live in SE16 know the area has been dominated by the Surrey Docks since about 1750. Rotherhithe [...]

Rotherhithe’s Hippodrome

We are pleased to welcome Mike Reardon – one of the contributors who keep this website going - as our [...]

1 December – Virtue Vision: After-School Ceramic Classes

Surrey Docks Farm  15:45 - 17:15  £20.00 -  7 Weeks   £4.00 drop in session  Note: Minimum of 2 drop in [...]

1 November – Maths on Toast Presents, Shape Parade – Tangram

Dockland Settlements  14:00 - 17:00 Making Maths Creative, Family Fun  We're here to make maths family fun. We do that [...]

1 November – Surrey Docks Farm: Introduction to Natural Dye’s

Surrey Docks Farm 10:00 - 13:00 £10.00  (Booking essential)   Join Penny an experienced natural dyer, to learn all about [...]

Albert McKenzie VC

London is full of statues to long forgotten generals and field-marshals. It's not very often that an ordinary lad from [...]

Planning Update

SE16 is faced with an extraordinary number of development sites at present. Each one has it’s own group of interested [...]

Staying Safe in SE16

Many people recognise the difference between crime and the fear of crime. Often the two seem to vary with little [...]

A Concert Hall for SE16

The problem for Robert Hulse - Director of the Brunel Museum - was that everyone who came to the Engine [...]

14 October – 6 December – James Capper, PROTOTYPES

The Cafe Gallery & Dilston Grove - Southwark Park  Wednesday - Sunday: 11:00  - 16:00 Free   

7 January – Bede House Association: Clare College Choir performs for Bede

St Mary's Church 19:00     We are a centre for adults with learning disabilities and are trying to encourage [...]

Artouride – Art and Design on the move

Buy a shipping container, fill it with ten Brompton folding bikes and set up your business in an active boatyard [...]